Chicken’s Pool 11/30/08

Got to skate Chicken’s pool for the first time today.  Built in 1991 as one of the first “built for skating” backyard pools, it is a true piece of Southern California skate history.  It is a very functional and fun size and shape, and the session was a great time.  Thanks, Chris for setting up the session, and Chicken for having us over and skating.

Does this sign look familiar?  If you ever skated the BigO Skatepark in Orange, CA circa 1980 it might…

Our gracious host, showing the local lines:

Scott, dropping a wheel in the box (and making it!):

Chris, grinding the hip:

Couldn’t pass up the channel air (photo: Anthony):

San Diego (Carmel Valley) 11/28/08

Got to skate the new Carmel Valley skatepark tonight.  It opened in the last week sometime, and the street/flow area was still a bit too crowded to get any rides in.  I did get to skate the pool however, and had a fun session.

Pool overview:

Bucky Lasek, corner air:

Visited the site of the original Del Mar Skateranch (R.I.P. 1978-1987) after the session and found a newer entrance sign, fenced off dirt lot with some large chunks of concrete along the border, and the original pro-shop building which is currently a golf pro-shop:

We used to eat at Roberto’s in Solana Beach on each Del Mar trip, so stopped there for dinner on the way back: